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now what?
Rick and Mick along with the rest of the team want to congratulate you on your recent decision to follow Christ. Whether this is a commitment you made for the first time or you’re deciding to re-commit to follow Christ, our prayer is that you will experience the greatest joy and satisfaction you can ever know this side of heaven. How? By getting to know God and what He promises to you, as His kid. (No matter what your age!) Just as you trusted Him by faith for eternal salvation, now you have to trust Him for this walk of faith.

You now have experienced a new birth, the Bible calls, “born again”. Your first birth was physical and now your second birth is a spiritual one. This new life in Christ will be developed as you grow with Him and it becomes your very life. Just as a newborn has to learn to crawl before they walk and walk before they run, so it is with our walk with Christ. And just as a newborn cannot handle steak and potatoes, so it will be with you as you begin your new relationship with your Savior.

We want to say from the bottom of our hearts how grateful we are to have had this special time with you. We had an awesome time and believe our time together was not by accident. Why? That you too, along with us can share the same peace found through God’s Word, knowing you have the assurance of eternal life. As you get to know God’s Word (the Bible) your life will take on some new dynamics. God will start to change you as you read and apply these lessons to your life. You don’t have to be afraid of the change. God bless you as you begin your journey with Him.

We would like to encourage you to go to view our online Bible studies. These are foundational devotionals that will help you in getting to know your wonderful creator. Each devotional takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Lastly, we would like to recommend you to read the Book of John, (the 4th book in the New Testament). Again… congratulations as you begin your journey with Christ.

Forever family,
Rick and Mick and the team!.

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