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  1. What Is The Bible?
  2. How Do You Find Verses In
    The Bible?
  3. How Can You Be Sure You
    Are Saved?
  4. Will The Real You Please
    Stand Up?
  5. What Is Real Love?
  6. How Much Are You Worth?
  7. Why Read The Bible?
  8. Why Hangout With Your Family?
  9. How Do You Share The
    Good News?
  10. What Is Baptism?
  11. What Is The Lord's Supper?
  12. Who Is God?
  13. How Do You Talk With God?
  14. Who Is Satan?
  15. Who Messed Up The
    Perfect World?
  16. How Did Adam's Sin Affect You?
  17. Does God Have A Memory Loss?
  18. What Is Sin? (part 1)
  19. What Is Sin? (part 2)
  20. What Is Repentance?
  21. What Do You Do When You
    Mess Up?
  22. Are Christians In Warefare?
  23. What Is The Armor of God?
    (part 1)
  24. What Is The Armor of God?
    (part 2)
  25. What Is A Disciple?
  26. Who Is Your Master?
  27. Who Is Your Helper?
  28. How Does The Holy Spirit Help?
  29. What Are The Gifts of The Spirit?
  30. What Is The Secret of The Vine?
  31. What Is God's Spectacular Plan
    For You?
  32. How Can You Know The Bible
    is True?
  33. Did Jesus Fulfill Prophecies?
  34. Did Jesus Resurrect?
  35. What Is The Story of the Bible?
  36. What Is The New Testament All About? (Matthew-John)
  37. What Is The New Testament All About? (Acts-Revelation)
  38. How Do You Handle God's Money?
  39. What Does God Say?
  40. What Does God Say About Dating?
  41. Why Wait For Marriage?
  42. Who Created Marriage?
  43. Does God Give Marriage Instructions?
  44. Why Should You Forgive?
  45. How Do You Study The Bible?
  46. How Can You Know God?
  47. What Did Jesus Do On The Cross?
  48. What Should Every Person Know?
  49. What Is Different About Christian Attitudes?
  50. What Are The Ten Commandments? (part 1)
  51. What Are The Ten Commandments? (part 2)
  52. Should A Believer Obey The Ten Commandments?
  53. How Do You Pray To Get Answers?
  54. Can You Lose Your Salvation?
  55. What Do Bad Things Happen To
    God's People?
  56. What Are Heavenly Rewards?
  57. What Will Hell Be Like?

online bible studies
We, along with the rest of the team want to congratulate you on your recent decision to follow Christ. Whether this is a commitment you made for the first time or you’re deciding to re-commit to a previous decision to follow Christ, our prayer is that you will experience the greatest joy and satisfaction you can ever know this side of heaven. How? By getting to know God and what he promises to you as his kid. (No matter what your age!) Just as you trusted him by faith to give you eternal salvation, now you have to trust him by faith for this walk of faith.

You are what the Bible calls a babe in Christ. You were “born again”. Your first birth was a physical birth and your second birth is a spiritual birth. This new life will be developed in you as you grow and it becomes your very life. Just as a newborn has to learn to crawl before they walk and walk before they run, so it is with our walk with Christ. And just as a newborn cannot handle steak and potatoes so we have to digest things we can handle when getting started.

This is a simple follow-up program to help you on your spiritual journey. These lessons (if applied) will definitely help you to stay on the path. A couple of very dear friends, Harold and Louise Lominac of Williamsburg Va. have prepared these devotionals for you. Harold has done a lot of the technical work and Louise has prayerfully written each lesson. We want to thank both of them for the endless hours they have invested in these foundational truths.

The Bible verses mentioned in each lesson have the page numbers listed to make it easy for you to find. This works only for those of you who received a Student New Testament at one of our events. If you would like to order a copy of this easy to read New Testament you can go online to and order the New Believers Bible. (The page numbers will not be accurate in another Bible). Over time you will want to learn the books of the Bible. Yet don’t be overly concerned about that right away. There will even be a lesson teaching you how to do that.

We want to say from the bottom of our heart how grateful we are to have had the honor of being in your area. We had an awesome time and believe the Lord sent us your way. Why? That you too, along with us could share in the same peace found through God’s Word knowing you have the assurance of eternal life. As you get to know God’s Word (the Bible) your life will take on some new dynamics. He will start to change you as you read and apply these lessons to your life. You don’t have to be afraid of the change. God bless you as you begin your journey with him.

Forever family,
Rick and Mick and the team!

P.S. Each of these devotionals takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. We want to encourage you to spend a little time each day getting to know your Creator. We also want to recommend you read the book of John in your New Testament when getting started as it reinforces His promise of how to have eternal life. The book of 1st John in the back of the New Testament shows you what a Christian looks like over time.

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